There Will Be Love

Wait, waiting for the sun to break. But you do all the wrong things right in the wasted light

I said hey, why continue on this way? Outlaw memories miss you terribly.


There would be love, there would be love (x3)

The devil couldn't get me on a one way flight to home

I'll watch the last ones fly, I watch my passions die

Snakeskin is sitting on the tip of my tongue and I wonder why you left my words

Now I can't feel nothing baby, ask me what I wanted baby oh


Now I don't need a lot to believe in so much so much goes down around me

and the sky is so loud it folds all around me, I tried so hard to keep myself grounded

But I can see there's gold on the ceiling it shines so hard when your hearts all upon me

We fall so hard, easy as drowning, I lied so hard look how far that's gotten me.