Should've Been Real

You're why I learned to hate sunsets, that's when the darkness sets in

It's always me versus me, I'm in a battle within

and my fears are exposed, you appear in my dreams uninvited

Like my subconscious won't let you go but in my dreams you remind me of those days

when life was just a game and I was just a level to be played and..

I am not a level to be played.

I am not a level to be played no.

You never heard me out. I never thought about an escape route.

I even stuck around when you'd lift your hands at me then I'd accept

Your every apology. Cuz I was all about it and I never even doubted that you were

my bottom bitch and we were each others fix, Now I'm done with this shit, look there we go arguing again but damn just let me get my sentence in, if you just listen then here's something worth mentioning.

I thought that all we needed was time, I'd do anything you wanted just as long as you were mine, but we were just wasting our breath and now you ruined everything we had and now there's nothing left, you didn't want me to progress unless you were part of the outcome.

You couldn't lift up, instead of holding down, I guess that's why you're not around

I guess that's why you're not around now.

I guess that..

You always tried to knock me down.

You should have been real but you wasn't and no good deed goes unpunished.