Love Unrequited

Its been a couple months since I called you, since I had to live without you near me

See maybe by not thinking about the pain I can make it go, and this weight upon my chest would leave,

we talk so much but don't say anything


This is the love unrequited, and this is the good her divided, cry me out, cry me out, this darkness at dawn


I'm trying to let go of my feelings, and find you just a little (x3) less appealing

When all I wanna do is make you numb, and all you wanted was for me to admit to things I'd never done,

but what I hate to admit is that I still feel the same.


You and I still collide randomly but don't cry (x3) just cuz it's over

I'll survive, we'll survive, but I'll do it without a heart cuz I only wanna give it to you


In different circumstances maybe, you would reward me for the bravery that it took me to get,

get me to tell, you how I feel.  Just like the phoenix follows the flame, the thunder has been speaking your name,

like your heartbeat was keeping me sane, tell me your heart is still beating the same.