There's something in my dreams, watching over me

I'm tossing in my sleep, trying to get free

But I know that her eyes never close as I'm walking on roses, I suppose it's..

Something about the sun, colors start to run.

Nothing's as it seems, I've fallen in between

But as the rain pours down around me, and the thunder pounds so loudly, and the storm clouds on the mountain

Start to bleed (x4)

The ocean is so wide, I'm standing on both shores

The sand begins to weave, it brings me to my knees

Nobody here knows my name. I'm cutting off my wings so that we can be the same.

But did you ever really need me? Did you just want to deceive me?

You know you're stuck in my subconscious...

Constantly (x4)

I'm walking with a ghost beside me. Wish I wasn't blinded by my tears.

I'm looking for my love she's hiding, hiding in the shadows of my fears

Now I'm the man of constant sorrows, don't you know you're burned into my brain

I don't want to find tomorrow if I have to live with all this pain..

But the world moves on without me, as the skies are getting cloudy, and the stars on the horizon start to weep

Start to weep (x6)

I'm dreaming, I'm bleeding, I need this defeated (x4)

Stop the dream baby, stop the bleed baby, all this whispering in my memories..