White masks on black faces, you want to follow down

Everybody's masquerading, hiding from themselves

So I drink until I black out, can't remember leaving soI think I'm in a madhouse,

think I've been a bad spouse, but I love her.

But who the fuck am I fucking up under covers,



I'm an animal (x3)

We're all animals


Strobe lights, locked doors, I've gotta get out of here (x2)

All the smoke in the air is choking me yeah I feel myself floating with my eyes wide open

I'm hoping somebody will pull me up out of the room

I'd do it but the walls won't stop moving. I think I'm losing my mind

So can we make it to the morning, please just let me make it to the morning

Now get away from me baby its important, nobody listens til I start transforming



Baby I'm an animal (x3)

We're all animals


It's something like a gift from the gods and everything's alright again, everything's all

Something in me is ripping apart and everything's alright again, everything's all (x2)


I tried hard but I couldn't contain it, cuz we let it get stale the alarming bells have been way past ringing,

Black Noise singing, you're making a scene should've known from the beginning, Charlie Sheen winning,

No drugs, more love, more beautiful women we're getting more hugs and more uh...

You be hollerin at women and be like "Yo, uh..."

I'm the leader of game I be like Yoda, bubbles in a soda, got em hiding while I'm climbing, exercising

Complex timing, climax rising, we hit and strike like like lightning

But I'm still with my girl that might not be the right thing..


Chorus (x2)